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Tech Optics

Tech Optics At-Home Low Vision Assessment Kit

Tech Optics At-Home Low Vision Assessment Kit

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Tech Optics created this At-Home Low Vision Assessment Kit to assist in determining the best Low Vision products to benefit an individual. Our unique and comprehensive Kit includes a Near Acuity/Contrast Card, two lightweight and user-friendly lamps to bring light directly where it's needed and Cocoon Lightguard Fitover Glasses (four different lens filters - orange, yellow, gray & brown) to help determine an individual's contrast needs. Our At-Home Low Vision Assessment Kit comes with clear and simple written instructions.

Acuity Assessment The 8 1/2" x 11" Acuity/Contrast Card measures acuity distance from 8.0M to .375M and contrast in steps from 5% to 100%. The 8 1/2" x 11" Distance Chart measures up to 5 ft.

Lighting The flexible, lightweight rechargeable LED neck lamp is ideal for reading and crafting. The clip-on, USB powered, gooseneck LED desk lamp comes with 3 lighting modes - Cool White, Warm White and Natural White - and 10 brightness levels. USB plug included. 

Filters Orange & Yellow Fitover glasses to enhance contrast and depth perception. Brown & Gray Fitover glasses to reduce brightness and glare - supporting outdoor light sensitivity. 


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