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Tech Optics

Tech Optics Monocular Telescopes

Tech Optics Monocular Telescopes

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  • Lens Material: Coated Optical Glass
  • Lens Type: Keplerian

The power of magnification is the first number. The second number is the lens size in millimeters. 

4X12 Magnification 4x. Lens Size 12mm. Weight 1.75 oz 
6X16 Magnification 6x. Lens Size 16mm. Weight 2.25 oz
8X21 Magnification 8x. Lens Size 21mm. Weight 2.5 oz
10X25 Magnification10x. Lens Size 25mm. Weight 2.75 oz

Focus: 12" to Optical Infinity (approx 20 ft) 

Includes: Hand held zipper case, lens cleaning cloth and attachable neck strap


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