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Sight Soothe

Sight Soothe Glasses for TBI - Soothe Frame

Sight Soothe Glasses for TBI - Soothe Frame

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PLEASE NOTE: These are built-to-order in our lab and may take up to 14 days to ship.

Made from premium flex titanium, Soothe offers maximum resilience in a simple yet stylish frame. Its wider fit makes it a superb choice for anyone who cares about fashion and comfort.

Soothe is a large frame best suited for wider coverage. 

Frame measurements: 145mm wide

Frame material: Metal

Frame color: Gunmetal

Available Filters: Choose from Light or Medium Blue, depending on the severity of your symptoms and where you'll wear your glasses.

  • Light Blue: If you have mostly mild symptoms, we recommend Light Blue for indoor use. 
  • Medium Blue: Choose Medium Blue if you have moderate symptoms and are planning to wear your glasses indoors or have mild symptoms and want to wear your glasses outdoors. 
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