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Big Eye Magnifying Floor Lamp

Big Eye Magnifying Floor Lamp

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Big Eye Magnifying Floor Lamp 2x with 5" Lens

Adjusts from 33" to 66"

A high intensity magnifying lamp for the visually impaired, hobbyist, crafter, or for a variety of professional needs. Big Eye lamps can open up an entirely new world to those with vision problems or needs. Their powerful light bulbs spread a blanket of pure, brilliant light. Their magnification power allows you to see things clearer than ever before.

Whether it’s your favorite book or a stack of ledgers, you’ll enjoy the comfort with which you’ll view it. The Big Eye floor lamp combines the great illumination and magnification of the Big Eye desk lamp in an adjustable floor lamp style. The five inch ophthalmic magnifying lens provides a large, distortion-free viewing area and substantially improves visual acuity with its 2x magnifier and direct light source.

  • Flexible neck allows for easy repositioning and hands free operation.
  • Optional Lens Booster attachment increases magnification to 5x.
  • Swings away easily when not in use.
  • Lamp includes a 40 watt high intensity bulb.
  • A 5 inch, 2x magnifying lens provides a large distortion free viewing area with the convenience of an excellent, direct light source.
  • UL listed.
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